African Coalition On Trade & Economic Regulation

The African Coalition on Trade and Economic Regulation (ACTER) is an initiative by CUTS- ARC Nairobi to intensify the voice of civil society organisations (CSOs) in regional integration process in Africa. The aim is to strengthen the ability of CSOs and Non State Actors (NSAs) to meaningfully participate and influence the TFTA and CFTA implementation process for better results on the ground.

Our Vision

Strengthen Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and Non State Actors (NSAs) to meaningfully participate and influence the policy advocacy on trade and economic regulation.

Our Goal

To contribute and influence regional policy discourses through providing technical support at national and regional level on trade and development, climate change, consumer protection, inclusive governance, competition, economic regulations and investment

Strategic Objectives

  • To promote African civil society co-operation on trade, climate change and regulatory reforms by creating and building long term partnerships of civil society organizations to address the issues of equity and accountability in the economic systems.
  • To develop the capacity of the coalition members and its partners to be able to meaningfully influence policy processes in Africa.
  • To conduct joint interventions in the areas of trade, economic regulation and investment, consumer protection, competition, inclusive governance and climate change
  • To collaborate with diverse coalitions to improve local, regional and state policies campaign through the creation of an awareness on various trade agreements (e.g EPA)
  • Support to the improvement of the regulatory framework in advancing public sector development;
  • Facilitate greater cooperation between African countries and the developed countries
  • Provide technical assistance in monitoring changes or issues in trade legislation at the regional level and their impact on the consumers
  • Analyzing trade policy issues, at the regional and multilateral levels

Our Partners